Walk, Get Deals

What Is Fitrock?
Fitrock's mission is simple: to get us off the couch and walking. We do it by offering deals when you walk to a small business nearby. Walking is the best way to start getting healthy and walking is even better when you get a cup of coffee, a free yoga lesson, or (shhh...) a beer at the end of your trek. So download Fitrock and open up a world of cool stuff today.
We're Almost Ready For You
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For Merchants
Fitrock is simple: walkers hit the streets and you give them deals - from a free coffee to $2 off a sandwich to a free yoga lesson. You can see walkers in real time and they can see your shop. Stuck at the end of a busy strip? Lure customers with great deals. Depend of foot traffic but want some some fresh visitors? Bring walkers to you. It's an amazing platform and it's absolutely FREE during our beta period.
The Team
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