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Fitrock should be pretty easy to use because we know you don't have much time. But if you're having trouble we've got your back.
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Of a train and bus journeys through the most beautiful lands of Europe
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Departing from London, we will make stops in Paris, Milan, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, and Hannover, and Amstersam.

The price includes transfers, accommodation, and visa support
Frequently asked questions
What is Fitrock again?
Whew. Ok. This is a tough one. So Fitrock is basically a 100-foot-high sandwich board for your business. Fitrock users are all out and walking. They will see your deal or advertisement and be drawn to your business depending on your deal. We give you all the power and we take none of your profit. We're not Yelp, we're not Groupon - we basically want to finally make technology work for you and not the other way around.
How long do deals last?
Deals last as long as you want them to. If you post a deal it will remain live until you shut it down. You can delete deals during rush periods and put them back up during quieter spells.
Can I stop a deal?
Absolutely. Just delete the deal in the My Deals section. Anything you delete is instantly removed.
How do I confirm that a Fitrock user has earned a deal?
When a Fitrock user comes into your shop they will show you an animated screen. There is a small button that says Submit. Simply press that button and you will receive information on that user and be able to contact them later. Think of it as an instant - and very high tech - guest book. Just give the customer their deal and try to make them happy.
What happens if someone takes too many deals?
Deals disappear from Fitrock user's screens every time they are used by come back after 24 hours. If someone is gaming the system unfairly please let us know. If someone comes in twice in a row about the same deal... maybe that's cool? Our mission is to get you foot traffic and repeat customers. If you have to give the same dude or dudette the same deal twice in a row is that so bad? You've basically got a repeat customer and if you think the deal is too generous you can always delete it and start over!
Watch a tour video September's group kindly shared with us:
Additional payments may include boat and segway tour tickets, museums and art galleries, cafes and restaurants. Some hotels may charge for breakfast, laundry services, etc.
We strongly recommend you bring some additional cash for small spendings, such as snacks and subway tickets. The tips in European cities amount 7-10%.
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